Amazon launches its first physical bookstore

amazon books

Amazon, as we all know, started as an online bookseller that later expanded to sell DVDs. And now, more than 20 years after it has been founded, Amazon finally opens a physical store in Seattle. Named as Amazon books, the store is no just one of the first physical locations of Amazon, but the first physical store as well. But then, putting up a physical store would not mean that they will be doing things like that of a traditional store. Instead, they will still rely on the information found on their website including the sales totals, customer rating and the popularity of books in order to decide over the books they will be selling.

Aside from selling books, Amazon devices were displayed, too. Customers may try using Kindles, the Fire TV, Fire Tablets and the Echo. They made a separate section for related technology same with the Barnes & Nobles store. What’s unique for this store is that they put up placards for the books containing the ratings and customer reviews. Readers will not have to worry about the price of the books, as all of them match the online prices.

 amazon books

Amazon store is located in Seattle’s University Village. Customers are welcome to visit seven days a week, excluding holidays. Amazon also confirmed that “Amazon Books is a permanent location, not a pop-up store.” This means that the store will be around for a long time and that we may expect more stores to come.

amazon books



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