Audible Accused Of Scamming Its Loyal Members

Don’t Be Fooled By Audible and Amazon!
Audible, Inc. and have been slammed with a class action lawsuit, which accuses the audiobook subscription service of using “bait-and-switch” business tactics. WHY? Because despite what the company’s advertisements claim,

  • One credit is NOT the equivalent of one audiobook
  • Audiobook credits expire (all members face a rollover limit)
  • If you cancel, you will lose all of your credits, despite having paid for them

You can read the full complaint at the end of the article

Audiobook lovers are looking for an Audible Alternative
Due to this complaint, thousands of people are looking for an Audible alternative. We did our research and we found a new player in the audiobook market that we believe has a way better deal than Audible, this new company is trying to offer users the ultimate audiobook experience. Who is it? Playster. This company provides the exact same audiobooks as Audible and charges the exact same monthly price ($14.95), but there is one major difference: No credits! Instead, Playster gives you unlimited access to its entire library (which has over 100,000 audiobooks) and won’t charge you any additional fees – ever.

Why Is Playster Better?
The average audiobook lover listens to over four audiobooks per month and Audible charges from $10 to $50 to listen to each audiobook after the monthly credit is used. That being said, the average audiobook listener can save between $54.95 to $214.95 per month with Playster! Visit for more details.

Stop Overpaying For Audiobooks
If, like millions of readers around the country, you’ve fallen in love with audiobooks, but are still paying for a credit system, you can go ahead and cancel your subscription because for the same price Playster will give you unlimited access to its full library.

Side-By-Side Comparison



1 audiobook per month

100,000+ audiobooks per month

$10-$50 per additional audiobook Unlimited. No additional charges

How Many Books Can You Listen To In 30 Days?
Whether you’re new to audiobooks or are an avid audiobook listener, thanks to Playster’s free 30-day trial, you can give the service an in-depth trial and listen to as many audiobooks as you want for the next month without having to pay anything. You can start your free trial by visiting and, if you don’t fully enjoy your experience, you can cancel anytime.

Are Playster’s Audiobooks Actually Good?
The first and most important question that came to mind when I discovered Playster was: Are their audiobooks actually any good? It’s nice to have unlimited access, but if your library is full of B or C titles, then it’s not worth it. As it turns out, Playster has almost the same exact library as Audible, featuring all the biggest and best audiobooks from all the major publisher.

The Final Verdict
If you love listening to audiobooks and you’re not using Playster, you’re wasting your hard-earned cash. No other service has a deal that even comes close to Playster’s unlimited $14.95 subscription! Go to for more information.

The full Audible complaint

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  1. It’s about time for audible to review its strategy, they made enough money out of authors and readers, they’re not the only audiobook provider anymore! If other companies can give users unlimited access to audiobooks, why does audible charge per book?!

  2. Thank you, I’m going to register! I’m a die hard audio-book listener and this is exactly what I am looking for. I’m glad I stumbled across this post.

  3. Is Playster a streaming service only or can audiobooks be downloaded and listened to whenever you want even when you cannot access wifi or cellular networks?

  4. Has anyone on here used this? the deal seems too good to be true any where I can see reviews of the good bad and ugly? 🙂

    • I’ve been with Playster for two weeks now. So for $14 a month with audible got me 1 free book and then I end up paying additional fees over that one book per month (but hey you own it 😉 ) For $14 a month with Playster I have unlimited access to as many books as I want. I guess if I absolutely just had to ‘own’ a book I could buy it, fortunately I can listen over and over again if I want for less than what it costs for 1 book at Audible. I’ll stick with Playster 😀

  5. Imagine you had to pay Netflix for every movie you watch or Spotify for every song you listen to! Why Audible is charging extra for everything?

  6. Audible has a robust self-production facility. So they have a much more extensive library not commercially available to Playster. Also they have a far deeper inventory of older and more obscure titles because of Amazon’s purchase power. And you own your Audible titles. Periodically, audiobook producers go out of business or acquisition contracts are suspended pending renegotiation. When that happens, a rental provider like Playster will not be able to permit access to those titles. The difference is that while Audible will not be able to sell those titles to anyone new, if you already own those audiobooks, you will be able to play them, even if that audiobook producer stays out of business or never reissues a new contract. Yes Playster will cost less in some cases. But it is disingenuous to ignore all of Audible’s strengths. Note: I am a reading impaired long-term user of audiobooks.

    • Yes, I agree that Audible has more books in its library because it has exclusivity on books it produces, but Playster’s complete selection of best sellers and new releases paired with the unlimited aspect and low price point outweigh the loss of exclusive titles for me. Having used Audible in the past, it was very inconvenient to only have access to one book a month and sometimes, I had to accumulate credits so I could get the book I wanted. I don’t really care to own the book, same as with my Netflix… I pay to watch the movie or show and not to own a copy of it. I’ll stick with Playster for the unlimited offer and if really want to read a book they don’t have, I’ll buy it from Audible without a membership. At the end, this will still cost me less than having a full Audible membership.


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