Variety of people loves winter jackets with fur from animals. However, with sympathy of CFL Mammoth Outwear, they have decided to release fur-free winter jackets with good reasons behind it that are considered worth-knowing. 

As stated by co-founder Yurichuk in Mammoth Outwear,

As soon as I realized fur was making a comeback I knew something had to be done,”

mammoth outwear

He added,

Millions of Canadians like me are looking for a premium, animal-friendly alternative. Now they’ve got one that’s built for the deep North but made in the heart of Toronto. It’s the best of both worlds and a win-win for everyone.”

Mammoth then is donating $10 from the sales of every jacket to The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals.

James Yurichuk, a native Brampton which is now listed as number 47 at the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts after four seasons.

Having said that, BC Lions wherein considered as co-founder behind a new line of men and women’s jacket and parkas of fur-free, and a challenge to Canada Goose with Canadian-made.

Canadians love wildlife, and they love staying warm,”

Says Yurichuk,

What we’ve done is give them the option to enjoy both at once.”

Mammoth is consist of fast-drying, water-resistant, breathable, and thermally efficiant which every canadian will surely love!

Kickstarter campagin, on the other hand, then stated,

Over the years, premium winter jacket companies have put forth the notion that the only way to stay warm in the winter is by wearing the fur and feathers of animals,”

They continued,

This is upsetting to us because fabric technology has caught up to the times and can often outperform the skins of these innocent animals.”



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