Millions Of People Are Cancelling Their Audible And Audiobook Subscriptions Because Of This Site

If, like millions of readers around the country, you’ve fallen in love with a convenient but expensive audiobook service, you can go ahead and cancel your subscription because we’ve just discovered a better deal than any of them. One that can save you thousands of dollars a year while giving you the freedom to listen to as many audiobooks as you want.  

Many of today’s popular platforms such as Audible, Audiobooks and Scribd force you to pay for individual titles (anywhere from $10 to $50 per book, sometimes more) or offer you a monthly subscription, which sounds appealing, but in reality, it limits you to one audiobook per month. Once you’re hooked, you’ll need to pay for additional credits which can then be exchanged for more audiobooks. This isn’t a subscription at all – you’re just paying for each book, which can become very expensive very quickly.

There is, however, one service out there that’s different from the rest and it has audiobook lovers signing up by the hundreds of thousands. It’s called Playster and it’s the only truly unlimited audiobook platform on the market.

While many unlimited audiobook providers have shut down and others like Scribd have been forced to change their business models from unlimited to limited, Playster has vowed to remain truly unlimited. Believe it or not, Playster lets you listen to as many premium audiobooks as you want each month for one flat fee.

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, ‘OK, are the books up to par?’ and the answer is ‘Yes!’ Playster has signed content deals with all of the biggest publishers in the world, as well as indie ones, so it’s able to offer members over 100,000 classics, new releases and New York Times Bestsellers. What’s more, they upload hundreds of new audiobooks each week on the day they’re released AND you can access them all from any device, including your phone, tablet and computer.  

But wait, it gets better! All new members can try Playster free for 30 days. That’s right: You can listen to unlimited audiobooks, including New York Times Best Sellers, for the next month and not have to pay a single cent. Really.


We gave the site a try — here’s what happened.

Signing up for the free trial took less than a minute. We simply put in our email address and followed the steps on screen to create an account. That’s it! We were then immediately able to access all of Playster’s premium audiobooks and start listening without having to worry about being charged extra or about paying for credits.

We were expecting to be limited to short samples, but that wasn’t the case. If we were curious about a specific audiobook, we could just start playing it and, if we didn’t like it, we could move on to the next one. That’s a feature we haven’t seen on any other audiobook platform and it left us seriously impressed. It takes away all the pressure of choosing a book.

We can also confirm that the selection was amazing, just as promised. We spotted all kinds of trending books and so many celebrity narrators including Golden Prey by John Sandford, SHATTERED by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, ON TYRANNY by Timothy Snyder, THIS FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT by Elizabeth Warren, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE by Elizabeth Strout and many others.

We tested the mobile version, as well as the Android and iOS apps, and Playster worked seamlessly across all of our devices with crystal clear audio. With an unlimited selection and the best listening experience, Playster is miles ahead of the pack. Why anyone would choose a different audiobook service is beyond us. Go on try it and see for yourself!




  1. I’ve been with Audible for about two years and listen to their books while driving and at work. The only complaint I have is that the service isn’t cheap. I will definitely change my membership if this website really has unlimited audibooks.

  2. About to try the membership. If the audiobooks are really unlimited, I will be thrilled to join this service. Eager to see the title selections.


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