The 6 best billing software for entrepreneurs

Billing is one of the most important things to keep your business running. Even if you don’t like administrative tasks, you have to charge customers to get paid. Fortunately, there are many  solutions to support you in this process. While it is true that making a choice may seem difficult, you can count on some comparison website to find the best software available at any time. So without any further ado, here is our top 6 most affordable or completely free billing software.

#1 Sellsy Invoicing

Sellsy Invoicing is a solution from Sellsy software suite. This software allows you to edit and personalize your business documents, and keep track of them with ease. The solution also offers electronic signature and online payment which saves you time in paying invoices. Sellsy also allows you to convert your quotes into invoices in one click, as well as directly export your data to an integrated chart of accounts. This simplifies the work of your accountant.

Sellsy Invoicing advantage: there is a mobile application allowing you to edit quotes and invoices on the go. Price: free trial for 7 days, then starting from € 8 / month / user.

#2 Zyfro

Zyfro is an administrative and accounting management solution particularly suited for micro entrepreneurs and small businesses. It allows you to generate personalized quotes and invoices quickly thanks to the dozen integrated templates. It also includes a bank synchronization service and simplifies the tax declaration process.

Zyfro advantage: does not require installation and can be accessed from any device with Internet access. Price: free trial for 15 days, then starting from € 9.95 / month / user.

#3 ClicFacture

ClicFacture is a complete management software that tracks a client’s activity from quote to payment, as well as supplier invoices. Easy to use, the software also offers a clear dashboard and its statistics can be exported to Excel.

ClicFacture advantage: the software is certified anti-fraud. Price: version without VAT or free dashboard with 25 customer invoices : free of charge. Other formulas start from 6 € / month.

#4 Zervant

Zervant is an easy to use online invoicing software created by a Finnish startup back in 2010. It allows freelancers and small businesses to seamlessly manage the invoicing of their services online. So Zervant is very simple software specializing in billing management for small businesses, this much we already know. What else can it do? It allows you to create a quote, then transform it into an invoice in one click. The software defines the default VAT by itself and allows you to import the products or services to be invoiced from an Excel or CSV file. Finally, reports can be downloaded in different formats for easier use by your accountant. 

Zervant advantage: edit documents in different languages ​​and in different currencies. Price: Free of charge.

#5 Kafeo

Kafeo is a contact, quote and invoice management software perfectly suited for individual entrepreneurs. Behind its simple and quick to use interface there are some interesting features: 

  • Contact management 
  • Quote and invoice creation in one click 
  • History of commercial exchanges 
  • Generation of commercial documents in PDF format with the option to send them by email

Kafeo advantage: you will never miss an appointment again thanks to Kafeo’s notifications. Price: Free.



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