There are variety of categories of the adidas Superstar such as streetwear culture, and mainly hiphop. As with this, it is difficult to overstate its importance.

An adidas’ marketing director, Angelo Anastasio, claims in the “Just for Kicks” between 1984 and 1991. As for the early ’80s, the Superstar was considered dead. However, the shoe was back by Run DMC singlehandedly.


The group started to be widely-known, and eventually get popular in 1982 as it burst commonly onto American airwaves. They dress as the first hip hop group which is pretty much the same as they had wore on the streets of their native Hollins, in Queens.

Run DMC then designed a look that would be of suitable for hip hop’s sounds with bucket hats and Godfather, leather jackets, along with black jeans worn with adidas Superstars.

In 1985, the style itself resulted Dr. Gerald Deas to purposely pen the anti-sneaker “positive” rap track entitled “Felon Sneakers,” having other two to be under the name Creative Funk.

Run DMC then responded with a love song for their sneaker entitled “My Adidas” in 1986. It wasn’t long that both Run DMC and Adidas teamed up for their first deal between a major corporation and hip hop artists.



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