Color is the Secret of The Right Carbs to Eat

Color is the Secret of The Right Carbs to Eat

Most people were taught to believe that all carbohydrates are not good if you want to lose weight, and that staying away from them totally is an effective way towards weight loss. But recently, experts agreed that carbs can become an instrument to achieve a healthy weight!

Dr. Mark Hyman, a diet expert, told Mind Body Green, “I believe carbs are the single most important thing you can eat for weight loss and overall health.” He also stressed out that almost all plant foods contain carbohydrates, and that the plant-based diet, which is commonly recommended by experts to lose weight, is actually a high-carb diet.

Hyman said that the best way to maintain a healthy weight while continuously consuming carbohydrates is to divide carbs into categories just like a color-coded traffic light. This guide is a bit easy to remember, as most of the colors of the foods correspond to the category they belong to. The categories are as follows:

a. Green: This includes vegetables like seaweed, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans and asparagus.

b. Yellow: This group involves whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat) cherries, legumes, apples and pears. They should be consumed moderately.

c. Red: Fruits rich in sugar like grapes and melons belong to this category. Glycemic vegetables such as beets, corn and potatoes are also under this group. Such foods should be eaten as seldom as possible.

d. Forbidden: Dried fruits and processed foods fall into this category. They should be eliminated from the diet.

This may sound simple and easy to follow, but the challenging part is not on monitoring how often you eat them, but on controlling how much you eat of them. For a healthy meal, you should also check the serving sizes especially for the yellow and red groups. A digital food scale like Ozeri Pronto can help in accurate weighing of the food you eat.



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