How To Get Unlimited Audiobooks For $14.95

Don’t Be Fooled. Stop Overpaying for Audiobooks!
Not all audiobook services are created equal. With audiobooks becoming increasingly popular thanks to their convenience, more and more subscription services are popping up on the market. But most of them are ripping off their customers.

Screw Credits. Go Unlimited
Audible, and similar services charge a monthly fee and grant members access to just one audiobook. If you want more than one book, you’ll have to pay extra! So if you’re a member of a similar service, you can go ahead and cancel your subscription because we’ve just discovered a better deal. One that gives you access to unlimited audiobooks for less than 50 cents a day!

Save 80% and Get Unlimited Audiobooks. No Limits. No Restrictions
The website we’re talking about is called Playster. They offer members unlimited access to 100,000+ premium titles for just $14.95 per month. Unlimited romance. Unlimited thrillers. Unlimited New York Times Best Sellers. Basically, unlimited everything. Whether you’re a casual listener or you enjoy binge listening to your favorite series, you’re going to enjoy their service and FREE 30-day trial. How many books can you listen to in 30 days?!

BONUS SECRET: Take Advantage of This Opportunity Right Now!
**UPDATED April 16, 2024**
We’ve been informed that new users who sign up before Thursday, April 18 2024 @ 23:59:59 for the Playster FREE trial will lock in this great deal for life and guarantee no price increases or content limitations.

Click Here To Get Unlimited Audiobooks from Playster Forever!


Why are audiobooks so great?
• They Save Time: Listen to great stories while you’re cleaning your house, driving, exercising, running errands, etc.
• They’re Convenient: Access audiobooks from any mobile device or computer, both online and offline.
• They Make Learning Fun: Listening to an audiobook educates, informs, entertains and enriches the mind.

Why is Playster the best audiobook service?
• The price cannot be beat! You pay $14.95 per month for unlimited access.
While others charge you per audiobook, Playster gives you access to over 100,000 audiobooks. No limits. No credits.
You’ll always be the first to get brand new audiobooks on the day they’re released.

We gave the site a try — here’s what happened.
Signing up for the free trial took less than a minute. We simply put in our email address and followed the steps on screen to create an account. That’s it! We were then immediately able to access all of Playster’s premium audiobooks, including the newest releases and New York Times Best Sellers. They also have an app (iOS and Android) that is convenient and easy to use.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Get Playster FREE for 30 days. Cancel anytime.
****UPDATED April 18, 2024**** 
We have been notified that the last day they are allowing users to sign up for free is Thursday, April 18 2024 @ 23:59:59. Also, due to a high volume of recent registrations, Playster is currently only offering free signups to new users. If you haven’t signed up for free yet, do it now!

Click Here To Get Unlimited Audiobooks from Playster Forever!



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