How To Get Unlimited Audiobooks For $14.95/Month

If you’ve ever paid for audiobooks, you know just how expensive they can be. New titles read by today’s biggest narrators can cost $20, $40, even $60, depending on their length and production value. When you consider how easy it is to fly through an audiobook and how quickly you can finish one, that’s quite the investment.

With audiobooks becoming more and more popular every day, an increasing number of subscription services are offering members access to audiobooks in exchange for a monthly fee. Although this is a cool model that promises to save you money, it doesn’t really do that. Why? Because if you’ve signed up for a $14.95 monthly membership, you’re basically paying $14.95 for just one audiobook. Let me explain.

Today’s biggest services charge a small monthly fee that’s super appealing, but in reality, they only offer one audiobook in return. Once you’ve listened to your chosen audiobook of the month, all others cost extra. Once you add up what it really costs to listen to three or four audiobooks in 30 days, you’re actually spending closer to $100. Yikes!

Now, what if we told you we’ve found a way to pay that same $14.95 per month in exchange for unlimited access to 100,000+ audiobooks? We’re talking brand new releases, New York Times Best Sellers, thrillers, romance novels and more. Basically, all the titles you want to listen to. That’s where Playster comes in.

Playster is a fairly new app that all audiobook lovers should know about. It calls itself “the world’s only truly unlimited book service”. I just finished my free trial and wow, Playster really delivers.

As soon as I signed into the platform I saw titles like Game of Thrones, Carrie Fisher’s A Princess Diarist, Hidden Figures and Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, and I knew I was off to a good start.

Once I listened to a couple, I found that their recommendation tool was pretty spot on too. Even though I wouldn’t listen to all the audiobooks the algorithm suggested, many of the titles it showed me were actually on my reading list.  

I tested the Playster Android app, the iOS app and the web version and all three offered a smooth experience. I was able to listen to everything offline (which was awesome for the daily ride in bumper to bumper traffic!), drop in bookmarks, speed up dictation, create playlists and share interesting finds with friends on social media. All of these were great perks, but again, what I liked the most was Playster’s selection of audiobooks.

Best of all? You can try it free for 30 days just like I did. The trial will grant you full access to Playster, so you can test everything out first-hand and decide if the service is right for you. If it’s not, simply cancel before your trial is up and you won’t have to pay anything. Otherwise, if you love it as much as I do, sit back, relax and enjoy your new monthly audiobook membership.




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